Endeavor Clinical Trials is committed to the discovery of new medicine to improve the lives of people everywhere. By leveraging its 16-year history of research success, Endeavor provides our patients and sponsors with valuable expertise in numerous medical areas. Endeavor conducts efficient clinical trials and delivers critical data to Sponsors & CROs while maintaining the highest levels of patient care.

Endeavor Clinical Trials places quality first. We provide patients with a high-quality experience during their trial participation by placing their safety first and maximizing their satisfaction. We work to provide Sponsors and CROs with high-quality data by focusing on efficient source documents, clean data capture from the beginning and a QC/QA review of data prior to the monitoring visit. Finally, we focus on enrolling quality patients into the study who are committed to the success of clinical trial.

Endeavor Clinical Trials has a high-performing team of Clinical and Business professionals with an average of 10 years of experience in their field. We have developed solid processes to ensure our studies are started efficiently and on-time. We have dedicated recruiting staff who are experienced finding & enrolling patients through a wide range of marketing activities to meet / exceed study goals. Finally, we work hard to provide clean data with minimal need for queries and re-work.

Endeavor is a leading clinical research site in the United States for Podiatric Clinical Research. Dr. Richard Pollak has completed 80+ studies over the last 16 years and is considered a Key Opinion Leader in Post-Operative Pain, Onychomycosis, Tinea Pedis and Diabetic Foot Ailments. We utilize our large database of patients with foot-related conditions to match prospective study candidates with the trial that may help them the most while advancing medicine.

Endeavor Clinical Trials works with a network of Orthopedic and Sports Medicine providers in San Antonio to execute a range of Orthopedic Research. We have years of experience and are routinely a high-enrolling site on studies such as Post-Op Pain following Total Knee Arthroplasty, Prevention of Venous Thromboembolism, Vaccine Studies & Osteoarthritis of the knee. Our surgeons have high-volume practices and we are capable of conducting both in-patient and out-patient trials.



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